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“Tokyo Totem – A Guide to Tokyo”

This publication is the result of a collaboration between international and Japanese authors and makers from various disciplines, ranging from art to social science and from urban studies to design. What they have in common is their interest and fascination with cities, and in particular Tokyo’s urban culture.

This eclectic group grew from an international urban research and exploration workshop on Tokyo organised by Amsterdam-based studio Monnik and hosted by Tokyo’s SHIBAURA HOUSE exactly 3 years ago, on 30 October 2012. Everybody’s efforts resulted in the essay’s, maps, photo essay’s, collage’s, poem’s, manga’s, illustrations and observation’s that have been collected in this book that is hard to categorize. It is called a guide, not because it helps you to find places to see, or places to eat or drink, but because it helps you to read and see the city differently.

Each contribution let’s you experience a different city. You may look at the city through the eyes of a bathhouse connoisseur, a host, an architect, a topographer, a flaneur, a konbini anthropologist, a foreigner, an artist or a child. In a way each author is a guide, and thus this guide book is reality 46 guidebooks. Amongst your ‘guides’ are social design researcher Atsushi Miura, Tokyo Urban Basin Society president Norihisa Minagawa, architect Julian Worrall, architect Julian Worrall, artist Arne Hendriks, editor Kohei Fukazawa, architect Yasutaka Yoshimura, visual artist Jan Rothuizen, urbanism professor Christian Dimmer, anthropologist Gavin H. Whitelaw, bathhouse connoisseur Greg Dvorak and many others.


Dear reader
Christiaan Fruneaux, Edwin Gardner/Monnik

Chapter 0.5
Find Yourself

Foreigners of the world unite!
Arthur van Beek

The noble art of subjective exploration
Christiaan Fruneaux

There I was
Aukje Dekker

Tsim tsum
Arne Hendriks

Chapter 1
Walk the land

Deciphering Tokyo through its Suribachi topography
A recommended tour of Roppongi’s uneven topography

Norihisa Minagawa

The formation of Tokyo – Its topography and history
Kohei Fukazawa

Tokyo Jisou maps
Japan Map Center

Hidden terrain
Niklas Fanelsa

Okina kutsu, big shoe
Pink Pony Express

Conversations in a teashop
Willemien Dorresteijn

Tokyo slide
Anneke Abhelakh

The city of children
Chris Berthelsen

The empty sign
Anneke Abhelakh

Chapter 2
Follow the rhythm

City beyond time
Joris Berkhout

Konbini morphology
Gavin H. Whitelaw

The naked neighborhood – Exploring the metropolitan bathscape
Greg Dvorak

Moment in stillness
David Orkand

Documentarians of change -A short history of street fashion in Tokyo
Daphne Mohajer Va Pesaran

Time in the city of temporal monuments
Julian Worrall

Below 1.30
Thekla Boven, Bastian Boss, David Bauer

Itadakimasu:Digesting the konbini’s many menus
Gavin H. Whitelaw

Chapter 3
Choose your city

In the arena of alternative modernities
Julian Worrall

Still power: sartorial surveillance and the under-city
Jonathan M. Hall, Yi Zhang

A machine for living
Joris Berkhout, Thijs Middeldorp

Super legal buildings
Yasutaka Yoshimura

Hera shibori
Fritzi Ponse

Saturation points
Gabriel Verret

Tracing the past in the city of the future
Jephta Dullaart

Love of nature
Anna Berkhof

Plant uniform
Anna Berkhof, Daphne Mohajer Va Pesaran, Cameron McKean

The sea we would like to see
Manar Moursi

Chapter 4
Make yourself at home

Feeling at home in Tokyo
Anna Berkhof

Haruka’s house
Jan Rothuizen

Maiko Arrieta Aoki

Tokyo homes
Maren Godzik

Signboard machiya
Niklas Fanelsa

Enjoy House
Charlotte van Zanten

Public to private
Will Robinson

Single ladies
Tomoko Kubo

Shaken spaces
Mara Duer, David Labi

New family
Inara Nevskaya

Mapping konbinity
Gavin H. Whitelaw

The shared town – Tokyo’s future
Atsushi Miura

New urban commons
Christian Dimmer

Close to home

The guide project

This side up
Jasper van den Berg

Lust in translation
Daniel Ruigrok

Monnik, co-founded by Edwin Gardner and Christiaan Fruneaux, is an urban research laboratory based in Amsterdam for investigation, imagination and storytelling. They are fascinated by the triumph and tragedy of modern life. They make texts, objects and events.

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